Skin Whitening Made Easy

Perhaps it’s safe to say that it’s not only women who are interested in having whiter skin. Men are as eager as women in wanting to have a lighter skin color. With such demand, several skin whitening products are now being offered through print and online advertisements. There are several products to choose from and with such number, you can easily be misled and misguided with your choices.
Primarily, it  may help if you become familiar with the best ways to skin whitening as well as your options. Other than relying on chemically prepared and pharmaceutical products, you can also try natural preparations to whiten your skin. Your decision would basically depend on your needs and preferences.
If you are experiencing any medical or skin ailment, you need to seek professional consultation first before you decide to take any skin whitening product. Some ingredient may actually give you more harm than do you good if they pose a contraindication to your condition.

Here’s a list of ideas you may want to start with to get your skin whiter:

Although not often considered,  your weight actually has an effect on your skin. This criteria is actually the first thing you should take note if you need  to assess your skin’s condition.
In case you are overweight or if you are suffering from obesity, you may be prone to having dark spots on your skin. You can commonly see them around the neck area and even on the elbows. If you want to avoid developing those dark patches on your body, you may need to control your weight. Being overweight can also make you more prone to developing stretchmarks. These are the indented streaks in your skin that you’d normally see on your abdomen, arms, buttocks and even your thighs.

The top layer of your skin is the area more exposed to dirt and pollution. As such, exfoliation naturally reveals a whiter skin. It doesn’t just take away the dirt, it also removes dead skin cells to reveal new skin.
If you have been using a specific brand for exfoliation, there’s actually no need to change that. However, if you’re just starting with the process, you can try finding a gentle and subtle exfoliating product to use on your skin such as a papaya soap. Otherwise, if you use a strong exfoliating agent, you may actually hasten your skin’s aging process. It may also cause redness and irritation if you scrub your skin too hard. You should also be careful in choosing your exfoliating product as some of them can strip the skin’s natural oil. The best way to exfoliate is to use circular and gentle scrubbing motion. You should take note that exfoliation should not be done on a daily basis. Instead, you can use it twice or even once a week.


Using soap is not enough to clean your skin. To get it fairer and clearer, you have to wash your face regularly and use a cleanser afterwards. You have to find a cleanser that contains glycolic acid and tea tree oil to effectively remove the oil and dirt clogging your pores.
Glycolic acid and tea tree oil removes your skin’s impurities without inflicting damage on your skin. However, this may not be the case if you use the product excessively. In a similar fashion, you may also want to avoid the overuse of toners and even products intended to minimize your pores. Try not using them every day.

What you eat says a lot about you. In fact, you can actually see its effect on your skin. As such, having a healthier diet can make your skin clearer and fairer.   You can try incorporating vegetables and fruits in your daily meal to help with your skin’s whitening process. As the food can help clear away impurities and enhance skin renewal, it will be best if you include a fair serving per day. Preparing and eating vegetable salads can be good for both your skin and your overall health.
You can find a lot of fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-oxidants. Foods rich in anti-oxidants include berries, artichokes and cabbages. This food type can help minimize the signs of skin aging by assisting your body to get rid of free radicals and toxins.

It’s also important that you stay hydrated. It can help make your skin supple and young. Drinking 8 glasses of water can aid in flushing out the toxins and waste products in your body as well.


Other than eating good and healthy foods, you must also modify your lifestyle. Try to get enough rest so that your body can have enough time to repair itself. You should also quit smoking as the tobacco and other chemicals in your cigarettes are detrimental for your general health. Avoid eating junk foods as well as carbonated drinks as these are not good for your skin.

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